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Employing experiential teachings to push
musicianship beyond traditional technique.

"Use everything available to you, whatever works."

Creating music is an organic form which speaks universally across all cultures, irrespective of whether words are included or not.

Technology has made the ability to make music more accessible through electronic devices, yet playing real musical instruments remains a key part of music generation with its unique ability to make us physically and emotionally part of the process. In addition, playing instruments helps us to gain communication and physical coordination with the power to drive emotional elicitation, i.e. expression.

However, whilst the technology of devices have evolved, traditional teachings have resulted in a plateau in the form of playing technique itself.

The Beat-Strum Music Academy sets out to show you that simple ideas can be developed to evolve your own technique, to add to society to bring something new. My collective experiences and random ideas led to the development of my Beat-Strum Acoustic Guitar style.

I hope you get a chance to explore this approach so grab your instrument and let's jam!

Coming Soon

From great demand I'm now working to consolidate many of my sessions, approaches and experiences in playing, writing and recording into a series. If you are interested in hearing when this content is available, please contact me or subscribe below!

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