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Front and back stage professional

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, writer, stage and recording engineer.

Completing his Royal Academy classical grades with distinctions by the age of fifteen simultaneously in both the cello and piano, his background of Mozart, Bach and Beethoven quickly took a turn as he started to explore the electric guitar. Seeing the energetic performance of a young Lindsay Buckingham in Fleetwood Mac thrashing his Les Paul through “Rhiannon” in an Old Grey Whistle Test rerun, he became hooked to the idea of 'rocking out'. That soon went up a notch as he discovered Dream Theater meaning that John Petrucci riffs and general shredding blasted out of his stereo to the joys of his family and neighbours. Figuring out "Rhiannon" on his dad’s guitar, after taking a mere two official guitar lessons his classical upbringing proved a capability to self-learn using traditional forms. This resulted in expanding his original finger fluttering technique to the use of the plectrum for greater volume, speed and precision. He set his sights on an ambitious target, with the first song he fully learnt being “Under a Glass Moon” which happened to appear in the first guitar magazine he happened to buy.

Many guitar magazines, guitar tutorial VHS tapes and rock concerts later, it would be during university when he would stumble across the other band to change his musical life. Through a chance catching of the Bob Harris radio show one late night drive back from Birmingham to York, he heard Nickel Creek for the first time. But that was nothing in comparison how he felt after seeing them live for the first time where he got to see their humble mastery and to meet them in person. Matt finally gained interest in playing the acoustic form of guitar, eventually developing what we now call the Beat-Strum Acoustic Guitar style.


Today, Matt plays professionally as a recording session artist and live in several bands, Faye & Co. and The West India Trading Association whilst writing his own songs. His instruments of choice includes:

# Guitar (acoustic and electric)
# Bass guitar
# Cello (acoustic and electric)
# Mandolin and Octave Mandolin
# Cajon
# Piano
# Vocals (when called for) 

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